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Certion disassembles wind turbines in the North Sea

Friday, 21 June 2019 12:15

In March and April 2019, Certion, commissioned by Fugro GeoServices Ltd., disassembled two Vestas V66-2.0MW offshore wind turbines in the North Sea off Blyth on the North East coast of England.

March 2018 - January 2019 – Initial stage

Following a number of bid rounds, we were entrusted with the order in October 2018, after which we could start making preparations. A location visit was made in January 2019 to talk through the details with principal Fugro GeoServices Ltd. and end customer E.ON, and to inspect the wind turbines with a view to further preparations and setting everything up.

March 2019 - Preparations

Preparations within the wind turbines, such as disconnecting and removal of electrical cabling and the checking of the bolted connections were realised in a few days. A CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) took our Certion technicians to and fro from the port of Blyth to the wind turbines every day.

April 2019 - Operations out at sea

Working with Fugro GeoServices Ltd., who deployed their Excalibur jack-up barge, we disassembled the wind turbines. First the blades were hoisted down one by one and placed on the deck of the jack-up barge. Then the nacelle and hub were hoisted down in one go and secured using our storage frames, which had been anchored to the deck. Finally, the two tower segments were removed from the foundation pillar and secured vertically on the deck of the jack-up barge. The components were then transported to Blyth, where they were unloaded.

Turbine 2; a repetition of steps

Upon completion of these operations, the jack-up barge was moved to the second turbine where the same 'trick' was performed once more. The jack-up barge then sailed back to the port of Blyth where, together with the specialists from Fugro GeoServices Ltd. and E.ON, we discharged the various wind turbine components and transferred them to the owner and end customer E.ON.

A top job in retrospect

We made available all dedicated tools and hoisting equipment for these operations together with four Certion technicians. Apart from some delay due to adverse weather conditions, the project ran off safely and smoothly, and we can look back on an effective and congenial collaboration with Fugro GeoServices Ltd. and E.ON.

Quote Tony Stevens, contract manager at Fugro

"Certions’ high-level knowledge & experience proved invaluable during the Blyth Offshore Wind Farm Decommissioning Project. Offshore Decommissioning requires a great deal of planning & commitment – the Certion team played a crucial role in this & inspired confidence of their capabilities right through from the planning stages to execution.

Technicians on-site displayed a high level of expertise, professionalism & work ethic. The team blended in well with the crew, were good-natured, and good-humoured! When it came down to it, the turbine technicians were more than willing to go the extra mile; working over and above what was required to ensure a safe and smooth delivery of the project. A pleasure to work with on-site."

Certion disassembles wind turbines in the North Sea